Working Method

As conquering the active involvement of whatever partner (healthcare provider or manager, clinician or scientist) is of paramount importance, our first steps are always:

  • To transfer knowledge and to build a shared operating model with customer’s internal staff, to ease the detection of the main critical issues that may emerge at any organizational level;
  • To identify the supporting (managerial, leadership, advice, assistance) and operating levers needed to achieve the expected change that will lead to the desired results;
  • To set-up from the beginning an internal task force, supporting the different phases of the intervention. It will not only ensure everyday operation and the future sustainability of the intervention, but it will as well provide some safety net from issues arising in critical areas.

Field training and coordination of the local team work is achieved with the help of different specialists.

As IMS pays a great deal of attention towards working methods and protocols, we analyze and re-design structures of healthcare and social assistance, on the one hand highlighting the improvement in efficient and appropriate use of resources after restructuring the workflow, and on the other hand highlighting the increase in the efficacy and quality of the services supplied to customers (end-users/population).

The high scientific standing of IMS’s activities is testified by its participation in several EU funded research Projects (FP5, FP6 and FP7), and joint projects with several Scientific Societies and in National and International Conferences. On a larger landscape, IMS participated with HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society).