IMS always deploys a composite team appropriate for each challenge, providing the multidisciplinary critical skills and competencies needed for an effective teamwork, according to the specific needs of each costumer/project.

The background of such professionals is mostly made of:

  • MDs, expert in healthcare planning and management;
  • Economists, expert in healthcare economy and management;
  • Economists, expert in in organization, process analysis and information systems;
  • Bioengineers, expert in healthcare, ICT and medical informatics;
  • Professionals graduated in different scientific discipline, that already participated to projects and research programs funded by National and European institutions;
  • Reputed clinicians with recognized organizational and administrative experience in their clinical area.

To guarantee everyday activity and durability of the interventions, to transmit a specific know-how, but most importantly, to make our intervention self-sustaining, we always do our best to be flanked as soon as possible by internal resources of the contracting authority (public, private or academic healthcare institution).



Pietro Conti, MD/MBA

  • IMS Co-Founder and Executive Officer of several health/biotech startups
  • Degree in Medicine & MBA
  • >30 years expertise in Healthcare and LifeScience Industry
  • Director at several Health International Projects also with UN agencies (UNDP, WHO, UNICEF)
  • Executive consultant in various healthcare projects

Elisabetta Borello, BBA/MBA

  • IMS Co-Founder & Board member of several biotech SMEs
  • Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Economics of Government at Bocconi University, Milano
  • >30 years expertise in Healthcare Information Management Systems
  • Executive consultant in various healthcare projects