Healthcare Advisory

Advisory in Healthcare has been the major activity of IMS since its creation.

The challenge posed by the complexity of modern medicine is the ideal stage for the working methodology of IMS.

Indeed IMS was born as a healthcare management company, providing professional and customized services in healthcare. We offer an array of innovative solutions of healthcare workflows for inpatients and outpatients, based on the most updated technologies.

IMS has been the project manager in hundreds of projects in healthcare, mostly in Italy, in the last 20 years, quickly gaining leadership in some well focused emerging areas of innovative technology.

Types of support provided

Management  and Technical Service

  • Strategic Plan
  • BPR Activities
  • Management of Innovative Projects
  • Health ICT Project: Planning and Management

Grant mechanisms eligible for support

  • All major EU awarded as well as US, NIH if accessible to EU partners.

  • Research grants offered by:

    • Other European/National agencies
    • Private foundations

Contact Information

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