to improve healthcare

IMS – Integrated Management Solutions assists healthcare providers, helping to improve patient outcome(s) through treatment improvement, care provision and healthcare access.

IMS provides cutting edge information, technology and management solutions to tackle clinical, scientific and commercial results

Exploiting Innovation, IMS kicks healthcare forward

For almost 20 years IMS – long known in Italy as “Istituto di Management Sanitario” – provided services of Healthcare Management, Support to Scientific Research and Information Technology in health bringing together multidisciplinary professional expertise matured in the last thirty years in different fields.

IMS partners are professionals with different background in research, healthcare and management, who have been working in prestigious Italian and international healthcare institutions.

IMS is active exclusively in the healthcare sector, in the fields of Consulting, Management of Research Projects, Clinical Studies and Clinical Trials.

Major IMS customers are Local and Regional Healthcare Services, Universities and Research Centers, Public and Private Institutions active in specific and/or specialized clinical/healthcare sectors, from social-assistance to research.

IMS manages any specific issue emerging during the projects with a strategic and productive approach, that enables to reach the results with the best reliability and appropriateness possible in the different contexts.


iPS Light Project

The project aims at the technological development of human stem cells, re-programmed iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cell) from patients diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases, applicable to industrial pharmaceutical research in combination with leading edge high-content and high-throughput screening (HCS, HTS)